to calculus I  -   If the college is closed, or the gate is down. Please just scan the test or take pictures and email them to me.  We seem to have a problem with access to my mailbox.  

12:53 pm: leencollins

Office hrs

If you need to reach me or want to come during office hours,
10:40 on WF, which coincides with our class.

10:51 am: leencollins

Current office hours

TR 12:15-1:15

10:40 am: leencollins

Office hours for Rowan (Spring 2013)

Tuesday/Thursday 12:00-1:30 

and by appointment.

11:43 pm: leencollins

fall semester

welcome to fall 2012.  click on “courses”, then your course.  any questions? feel free to e-mail 

10:42 pm: leencollins

Updated for Summer II

I’ve put everything up for summer II courses.  Any questions?

or 609-277-6066

10:55 pm: leencollins

office hours for this week

tuesday 4:45-6:15

thursday 5:15-9:00

ROBS 206

by appointment if you can’t make these.  contact me!

01:00 am: leencollins

office hrs/tests!

tues 5-6

thurs 4-8ish


 Contemporary Math  (Monday Night- Test is Feb 27th, Tuesday Night - Test is Feb 21st),

 Precalc (Test is this Thursday),

Intermediate Algebra (Wednesday, Feb 22nd).

04:55 pm: leencollins

intermediate algebra

quiz sections: 1.5, 1.6, 1.7

05:02 pm: leencollins


For my statistics class:

Remember, for each section, there will be homework created on MyMathLab.

Each of these homework assignments on MML is to be completed in full. 

 Your practice exercises (what I suggested from the book) are the ones that you will choose to complete or not complete.  I do suggest doing all of the suggested exercises in the book- then coming on MyMathLab and completing the section’s homework.  Only the ones online are to be completed/”collected”

06:54 pm: leencollins